Nissan gives us an insight of his system of wireless charging in the middle of the street


Nissan will present a new charging system inductive

Nissan continues with its progress to the massive deployment of electric vehicles in the cities. It is not for less, the manufacturer owns the electric vehicle most sold in the world -the Nissan Leaf – and want to this a better world where the electrical do not find any obstacle. The japanese offer us a preview of what they name as the “fuel station of the future“.

battery Charging without wires when we left the vehicle parked

For Nissan, in the future the electric vehicles will be directly connected with the city, and from them extract constantly the energy for their batteries without the need to stop only for this reason. The new system that will Nissan in collaboration with the architects Foster & Partners is embedded in the sidewalk where they will recharge the batteries wirelessly while we have the vehicle parked.

The new technology will be released in march, with almost all security during the Geneva motor show, but the manufacturer reveals to us some data to go opening mouth. This is an evolution of the system of wireless charging of 7 kW that was unveiled last month and will be able to recharge the batteries of 60 kWh of the future generation of electrical Nissan.

Its operation is summarised in this short video. The squares of refills wireless are indicated by a LED lighting of green color which indicates that it is available and operational. When we parked our vehicle in it, the lighting will change to a blue color if the charging has begun.

The next generation of batteries of 60 kWh of Nissan will allow the Leaf to traverse distances of 500 km with a single charge. At present, the compact electric was recently updated with a new system of battery of 30 kWh with which it is able to travel up to 250 km