Nissan gives us to know his spectacular test of the dishwasher

Nissan Qashqai en prueba de estanqueidadNissan wanted to share with us one of the most curious that made his models right after their manufacture. They call it the “test of the dishwasher” and is used with the Nissan Qashqai, Juke and X-Trail, that is to say, the crossovers, to to ensure that not a drop of water or moisture can enter the interior of the.

This test is composed of two parts. In the first place, the car wash sheds 24,000 litres of water from all angles and reaching all the corners of the body. Later, in a part of the program, the pressure and the force with which the water hits the crossovers of Nissan is much higher, reaching up to 150 bars of pressure, and downloading more than 1,000 litres in 15 minutes.

In total, the models of the japanese firm usually receive around 30,000 litres of water in this curious test. Says the brand that not a drop of water is wasted, passing to a deposit giant which it will accumulate until the next car enters the dishwasher.

Nissan Qashqai en prueba de estanqueidadOne of the people who have been behind the development of the testing standards is Carl Sandy, who explains that: “Another member of the team remains inside the vehicle with an endoscope of high-definition to see within the panels, looking for even the finest drop of water can penetrate”. A very technical task.

This test is not performed with each unit produced, but each a certain period of time is performed the test to a drive either; analyzing meticulously every corner of the vehicle. At times, the team in charge of these tests you can disassemble the interior to make sure that no water gets inside the passenger compartment.

To make the test all the units produced it would be necessary to invest a lot of time and manpower, greatly increasing the production time of each unit.

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