Nissan GT-R NISMO 2017, an evolution to still be faster


The Nissan GT-R, 2017 premiered ‘restyling’ recently, with small but important innovations. Now it’s up to the Nissan GT-R NISMO 2017, which has been officially presented at the Nürburgring, their natural habitat, with improvements in aerodynamics and chassis that will make you even more cash in the circuit. And this was not easy, every time that the current Nissan GT-R NISMO was already one of the kings of the Nürburgring, able to stop the crónometro in 7 minutes and 8 seconds…

outside of the GT-R NISMO 2017 incorporate the same changes in the standard model: that is, we find ourselves with an updated look that highlights your new bumper -in this case made of carbon fiber — and feature grill V-now with larger size, intended to allow a better cooling.


in Addition, aerodynamic drag is able to generate a higher downforce that in the present model, coupled to a more rigid structure (including a hood reinforced). The Nissan GT-R NISMO 2017 also benefits from new settings springs, shock absorbers and stabilizer: in this way, the adjustable suspension Bilstein DampTronic allows an effective dynamic even greater.

Where there is any change is in your engine and change dual clutch six relations: block V6 twin-turbo ‘VR38DETT‘ 3.8-litre continues to offer 600 HP, thanks to a turbocharger, inherited directly from the racing version GT3. Even so, your power is 30 HP higher than the Nissan GT-R, 2017, that in this last Model Year reaches 570 HP.


In the interior of the GT-R NISMO 2017 we find a feeling of higher quality, thanks to its dashboard and steering wheel upholstered in Alcantara, plus the new center console, which simplifies by reducing its number of buttons in favor of touch screen central. Exclusive of this version NISMO is still the seats ‘bucket’ signed by Recaro, with a structure of carbon fiber and trimmed in leather and Alcantara in black and red colors, respectively.

In summary, the changes to the Nissan GT-R NISMO 2017 have been focused on providing a greater balance and aerodynamic behavior still more effective, both in road and track, together with small changes in exterior and interior. Will be available with five different colors for your body, and as up to now will be manufactured at the plant of Tochigi in Japan, while its engine is hand-assembled in Yokohama.