Nissan increased its global production in January 5,7%

Nissan Micra producción

Nissan is one of the brands of cars that more impact and sales has on the world. Proof of this is that, while within the Alliance with Renault, the firm nippon is the one who leads the singing voice in terms of sales and volume refers. As is logical, from this situation it derives that the factories of the signature japanese work at a faster pace than those of its partner French.

According to been made public Nissan, data global production, sales and exports of the month of January are more than good with respect to the same month of the last year. In this case, the world production of the japanese manufacturer has ascended in January, a 5.7 percent achieving the 462.056-manufactured units. With this figure, Nissan, mark twelve consecutive months of growth.

The country where more has increased the production manufacturer has been precisely Japan. In this square the increase has been a spectacular 48,1 percent with 96.909 units. With these data, Nissan grew for the sixth month in a row in his native country. In addition, not only has grown the manufacture of the brand but its sales have also increased.

Nissan Micra producción

At the global level, Nissan sales have grown in the past month January, a 0.8 percent. A priori may seem an insignificant amount, but keep in mind that have been sold 449.780 vehicles which represents sustained growth over the last six months. With all of this, both in production and in sales, Nissan has logged an all-time record in the month of January.

In the case of Japan, and the same has happened with the manufacturing, sales in the country of Nissan have grown 10.6 percent. In total we have marketed a 55.838 units. If we move to our continent, Nissan has managed to increase sales during the past month of January to 13.6 percent, that is to say, has managed to enroll 59.822 units.

With these data in hand, and if it is to meet the expectations of the firm, 2017 could be a very good year. The reason is that it could increase its global sales to reach 5.5 million units.

Source – Nissan

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