Nissan introduces new after-sales service that allow you to customize and update our Nissan


The japanese company has today unveiled its new strategic plan for the area of after-sales company, in an effort to increase the importance of this service and provide the client with new services and benefits.

These will be focused on offer the customer a wider range of services and added benefits, as can be customization options and even some technological updates. According to the brand, with this plan it is intended that the area of after-sales add up to 30 percent of the income of the company in Europe here 2022.

“Nissan in Europe has a long-term plan very well-defined to continue to develop new technologies and services, so that our clients have, as never before, a range of services wider and more customization items from which to choose” Vincent Wijnen, vice president of after-sales, Quality, Customer and Training of Nissan in Europe.

One of the main advantages for the customer will be able to to dispose of new customization options, once you have the vehicle and not only during the purchase process. The Nissan Juke is currently the model that the more options you have and that becomes more important for the dealer, however, the new Micra will multiply these options. That is the way to go.


In the same way, the customer will also be able to take advantage of the new connectivity services. On the one hand, we find as will be the own vehicle can arrive to get in touch with the brand to request in advance a replacement part and is available before the appointment, and on the other, to benefit from a service of technological updates.

Although the brand has not revealed the time, tomorrow we will find out who will own vehicles that we send an advance notice when the need for a service, in addition to ordering the parts needed for that are in the dealership waiting for the vehicle, and not the contrary.

Another new advantages will be the service of technological update, which will allow not only to customers of newer models to upgrade their systems, infotainment or safety, but allow access to those vehicles older systems that were not available at the time of purchase. By the time the brand has not revealed which systems or specific models will be able to benefit from this service.