Nissan is studying to launch a new electric car smaller than the Leaf


The Nissan Leaf will soon be a new “brother” in the electric range of Nissan.

for months at Nissan have been studying the best way to extend the range of electric vehicles. A range that currently revolves around a single central piece, the Nissan Leaf. However, very soon this will change, and that is, as we say, at Nissan are studying to launch a new electric car that will be a step below the above-mentioned Leaf.

An electric vehicle the size of which would be located about 4 meters long (similar to the Ford Fiesta). Since its launch in the year 2010, Nissan has managed to sell more than 200,000 units of the Nissan Leaf, figures that led him to become a best seller in its segment, although with the imminent arrival of the Tesla Model 3, everything is about to change.

Recently, some statements made by Gareth Dunsmore, man in charge of the program of electric vehicles of Nissan, made it clear the priorities of the firm nippon to the segment electric. There will be No sports or models of high performance, at least in the short term. For the moment, Nissan aims to develop the new generation of the Nissan Leaf and, as we say, another electric vehicle of smaller size.


Currently the Nissan Leaf is the only tourism electric marketed by Nissan.

Dusnmore also commented to our fellow british AutoExpress, to develop electric cars like the Nissan Leaf, the company had to invest about 5 billion euros. It is for this reason that Nissan looking for in the first place to position your models as the most sold in the market, and at the time of expand, do it in segments in which to move large volumes of registrations. The B-segment, SUV’s or Crossovers would be the next steps to take.

In the case of cast an electric car for the segment B, Garteh Dunsmore stresses, in particular, that “Nissan would have a relatively simple”. A clear gino to the possibility that this new electric car is based on the new Renault Zoe that will be introduced in just a few days ago during the Paris motor show 2016. A review of the Zoe, which will arrive accompanied by an increase in autonomy, thanks to a new engine and battery.

Another option that has been mentioned on occasion is the possibility that the new generation of the Nissan Leaf can give life to an urban crossover. The platform Nissan for electric vehicles is based on the architecture B0 employed by models such as the Nissan Juke. So the possibility of creating an electric crossover on it would be feasible.