Nissan Juke 2020: first strokes of the second generation

The Nissan Juke came on the market in mid-2010 with a look of daring, such as all-terrain compact thanks to its height to the ground of 18 inches and a few prominent wheel arches that gave it a dynamic appearance. Stood below the Qashqai that was beginning to reap great commercial success that today stands as the SUV sold more of our country.

it Came with a Diesel engine 1.5 dCi 110 HP associated only to change manual and two versions of 1.6-liter gasoline, one with 117 HP and the other supercharged with 190 HP that optionally could equip a four wheel drive. At the beginning of 2013 introduced the Juke Nismo, its sport version with a turbocharged engine of 1.6 litres but homologando 200 HP, plus an appearance especially eye-catching accompanied by changes in the interior as on your rack..


Nissan Juke currently sold

Nissan Juke 2020, first data

I Do this review to put us in context and that we have in mind how it will evolve the second generation of the Nissan Juke that we will know in the next two years. One of our informers has told us that the Nissan Juke will be a natural evolution the model currently sold, natural evolution, yes, but also profound in all its aspects.

A natural evolution, being more wide and low

Some features of the exterior begin to be seen in the recent concepts of the brand, with a hood plane and a side surface voluptuous: your look will be more attractive and daring than the current.

Our recreation digital displays a Juke Concept with generous wheel arches, optical LEDS and a new grille inspired by the trend of the brand.

it Is true that our concept is aggressive and is away from the Juke that is currently marketed, but it is online that some prototypes such as the GripZ (design exercise that will not go to production), and the recent Vmotion 2.0 Concept, in addition to take features of models that have just come to the market, as the Nissan Micra. Yes we can confirm that the future Nissan Juke will be wider than the current one and will have a lower height, so that its proportions suggest a greater dynamism.


Nissan Juke 2020, recreation (expand)

personalization is a key aspect that many customers value very positively, making a car is nondescript, a desired model and more personal, for it will be present both on the outside as on the inside. This is why we are sure that elements such as mirrors, A-pillar or the C, as in other models, it will be customizable.

we look forward to a cabin comfortable for four passengers thanks to its greatest width (over 1.75 metres), with the possibility of a third occupant to the rear row. The trunk cubicar√°, at least 350 litres of capacity, but this figure will drop a bit in the version with four-wheel drive that you can attach to the larger versions.

The customization will be possible in the outer and inner

In technology, the Nissan Juke will offer a full multimedia system with internet connection and connectivity with our smarthphone with functions such as sending routes to the navigation system, location query in order not to forget where we parked, etc

In terms of safety the entire package usual in vehicles of its segment will be available, and even, if we look at the strategic plan of Nissan to include technological autonomous to their future models we cannot rule out that this model includes functions of the system, ProPilot, your conduction system is autonomous, which allows our vehicle to follow the flowing just in front on fast roads effectively. Will come in first for the Qashqai, with the new generation of the Leaf, and also will continue to be the Juke.

Confirmed new engines, turbos

we Can now skip the engines of the second generation of the Nissan Juke will be turbo powered. We look forward to two versions of petrol with outputs ranging between 120 and 170 BHP (still not confirmed) and your consumption will be so slight that they do not we will miss the diesel version equivalent.

In fact, we do not have the security that they offer an alternative alternative to gasoline due to the growing hostility towards the engines that feed on diesel fuel. Carlos Ghosn head of Renault-Nissan Alliance’s stated openly that Diesel engines have reached its peak: all a declaration of intentions.

however, as an alternative to motorization of traditional gasoline is very seriously considering a hybrid version. For this variant more eco-friendly there are three possibilities that I will analyze.

what A Juke hybrid? In debate

That follow the principles of their new technology electric extended-range presented at the end of 2016 dubbed Nissan e-power. In essence it is a system that makes use of a small petrol engine to generate energy, which feeds the electrical system in charge of moving the wheels, so that it is not necessary to plug it in to the grid to recharge their batteries.

To move with a propulsion system based on fuel cell, possibility that is ruled out both by costs inherent in the price that you have to pay the client, as by the maturity of technology, everything points that there are still years to see something like that in the house.

finally, the possibility that personally seems to me more feasible. Use the system plug-in hybrid that Mitsubishi offers in its Outlander PHEV, a direct result after closing the agreement to purchase 34% of the shareholding of Mitsubishi by part of the Renault-Nissan alliance.

To be so, and inherit their capabilities, the Nissan Juke could circulate in all-electric mode for up to 52 kilometres thanks to its hybrid system, plug-in and charge your batteries completely between 3 and 5 hours depending on the mode of recharge employee.

it Still needs to come, but for now this is all we can get ahead of the second-generation of the Nissan Juke, as soon as we arrive more tracks like the ones that we have offered we’ll let you know.