Nissan Juke e-Power Concept: showing the letters of its plan of “electrification”

Nissan Gripz Concept

Nissan Juke e-Power Concept that we’ll see in Tokyo will have a design influenced by the Gripz Concept (image).

Nissan will arrive at the Tokyo motor show 2017 loaded with new features. And it is logical if we consider that “play at home”. If a few hours ago we’ve uncovered that show a new Nissan Z Concept with which to anticipate the next generation of non-combustible 370Z, now is the time to talk about the future of the company in relation to the electric mobility, and its plans to “electrify” your range.

it Is for this reason that, according to published guys Car&Driver in the above mentioned event to automobile that will take place in the de facto capital of Japan this year will be presented the new Nissan Juke e-Power Concept, a concept that will have a lot of importance to short-term within the company nippon. And that is, we have several aspects to take into account on this conceptual model.

In the first place, speaking of the (aesthetic and, therefore, its design, the concept of Nissan Juke electric that we’ll see in Tokyo will be heavily influenced by the Nissan Gripz Concept. A design exercise that, while it will not come to production as such, their lines will be present. Not long ago we mentioned exclusively in the first aspects of the new generation of the Nissan Juke, and one of them is that your design will be a “natural evolution” of the model is currently marketed. The future Juke will be more wide and low.

Nissan Juke Concept

Nissan Juke Concept, anticipating the second generation of one of the SUV more popular.

Now, in addition to your image, another of the principal features of the Nissan Juke e-Power Concept that will be introduced in the Lounge of Tokyo 2017 will be your paragraph mechanical. As hinted by the label “e-Power“, will be provided by the electrical technology extended range which Nissan unveiled at the end of last year and that will play a relevant role in the future plans of the company.

The first model to come to market with this technology will be the Nissan Note e-Power. The first data revealed by the brand on this system we made it clear that it is an idea very similar to that already seen for the BMW i3 REX. That is to say, an electrical system that makes use of a small gasoline engine to generate power and recharge the batteries, so it is not necessary to plug it in to the network. In addition, when the combustion engine is not operating, the car will not emit neither noise nor vibrations.

there are Still a few years to see the second generation of the Nissan Juke in the market. And it is to be expected that not make act of presence until the end of this decade (or the beginning of the next).