Nissan Leaf Car of the Year in Europe and the world

Nissan back to take title European Car of the Year . It won once this title in 1993 with Nissan Micra, England. Nissan and New Leaf prevailed before Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Opel Merina. And Car of the Year world.

nissan leaf, coche del año

For the first time in history an electric car won European Car of the Year
. The Japanese four-door sedan carries on its front for electric motor traction to the front wheels, which develops an output of 108 hp and reached a speed of 145 km / h.

nissan leaf coche de año

With brake energy recovery , air conditioning, satellite navigation and a range of 175 km. Battery laminated lithium-ion created by Nissan, with a yield of 90 KW.

The how to connect the car makes it possible to control and monitor the state of charge of the vehicle, turn the temperature inside the car remotely via mobile phone or PC. This EV Racing traditional’ve enjoyed jury and audience to run the Year competition Europe , the 100% electric Nissan Leaf are already known throughout Europe awaits dates so that it can get.

nissan leaf, volante detalles

Nissan Leaf are manufactured and designed in Japan so far, but little to no emissions, totally organic, will begin construction in United Europe at the end of 2012.

In Japan United States already started deliveries of the new electric car since early 2012. A European touch him wait a little longer, cars start arriving this month earlier this year to countries like Ireland, England, Portugal and the Netherlands. In Spain Nissan Leaf will begin to arrive in the summer of 2012.

wide acceptance and demand is expected scale. He not only won Nissan with its ecological car wins all humanity with this breakthrough in the history of the engine.

World Car of the Year. The Car Lounge New York also awarded the title Nissan Leaf Car of the Year in the world

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