Nissan Leaf Nismo concept: utility-electric claw

The new generation of the compact electric japanese have a version high-performance: the Nissan Leaf Nismo. The concept of this model has been shown in a presentation during the event, Nissan Futures and according to the brand aims to improve its appeal and attract younger buyers.

The only image shown of the Concept lets see what will be their main differences with respect to the normal versions of the Leaf. Among them you will find a bumper more aggressive with a spoiler in red color, side skirts more large and pronounced, and these wheels are of a larger size with specific design of Nismo.

the image of The Nissan Leaf Nismo concept has been revealed as the director of design of Nissan’s Alfonso Albaisa, to disclose the intention of the brand to launch a version “racing” with the name Nismo to help the new generation to reach out to potential buyers with a greater concern for the design. “The design of the Leaf above it was not popular among the majority of the people, so its appearance is not helped sales.” Compared to the designs of both generations, “the new Leaf is more bass, more width and sporty, with the aim that thanks to its design to ensure a better acceptance in the market.”

The Nissan Leaf Nismo concept comes not only

Albaisa also added that it will be easy to develop parts from Nismo for the new Leaf. This is not something new to Nissan, as it offers versions Nismo for various models, as the 370Z, the Juke or the GT-R. Part of the version with an extra of sportiness, it is also expected a version of E-Plus by 2019 with a battery of higher capacity and a platform more rigid.

The new generation of the Nissan Leaf has a power rating of 150 HP, 320 Nm of torque and a maximum autonomy of 378 km thanks to its battery of 40 kWh. Will have to wait still a little to know if the version Nismo will have more power, something that does have the rest of the models.

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