Nissan Leaf Piloted Drive Concept: yes, it is self-contained


Nissan Leaf Piloted Drive Concept on the road

This prototype uses base a Nissan Leaf first-generation and equipped with numerous sensors, 12 cameras and 5 radar sensors, that allow you to automate maneuvers such as lane changes, additions to the motorway and overtaking.

All of this technology package that brings together the model is referred to as “Piloted Drive 1.0”. These prototypes have begun to perform tests on the roads near the Center of Advanced Technology that the manufacturer has in Tokyo.

According to the manager of this project, Tetsuya Lijima, Nissan will offer it in Japan for autonomous vehicles before the end of 2016. It’s probably a brand new car, which will include the possibility of driving it to fully manual at the will of the driver.

For the upcoming Hall of Tokyo, the manufacturer has announced that it will present a new electric vehicle that has a certain appearance of SUV. Will this be a foretaste of the model that we will see next year?