Nissan may move production of the Qashqai to another european plant

Nissan Qashqai SunderlandNissan Qashqai is the flagship product of the firm nippon in Europe and part of the world. There is No denying that returned to life and to the profitability of Nissan (in Europe) after the failure of the Almera. In addition, and according to the general public, has the honor of being the model that invented the concept of SUV or all the way “modern”.

When the brand launched to the market decided that it made in the plant they have in Sunderland, United Kingdom. This factory is the largest in the country, and one of the most modern. However, their continuity in time each day is more in question. The reason is simple and straightforward; the Uk voted yes to Brexit and if the European Union punishes the country Nissan could get very injured with the measure.

Nissan JukeThe Brexit has done that may be modified the conditions for the export of products manufactured in the british isles to the rest of the European Union. According to Carlos Ghosn, Nissan is not asking for privileges from the british government to keep production at their factories, however, nor would they be willing to lose competitiveness to manufacture and sell their models.

If the accounts do not fail the next generation of the Qashqai should reach the market between the years 2018 to 2020, and the brand is already deciding where they could be manufactured. If the Brexit would not have succeeded very probably would still be at Sunderland, however, to avoid potential problems Nissan is deciding on what european plant could be constructed this next generation.

According to Carlos Ghosn, this decision would have a character of urgency because they would have to adapt the plant chosen to manufacture the model in a time almost record. Therefore, in November or December of this year we may know in what european country is going to manufacture the new generation of the SUV more sold. Hopefully, they will remember Spain and Barcelona.

Source – Nissan

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