Nissan Micra Bose Personal Edition, 3,000 units full of equipment

Nissan Micra Bose Personal Edition

the renewal of The Nissan Micra presented for several weeks for the japanese manufacturer has been a whole revolution. An aesthetic much more personal, youth and sports together with new equipment and thrusters has made him take a radical turn. Not happy with them, in the Geneva we have shown a special edition limited to 3,000 units for the whole of Europe very passionate and full of equipment. His name is Nissan Micra Bose Personal Edition.

This special edition shown in the quote switzerland will call our attention from the first glance. On the outside we find a body only available in colours grey and black, but always accompanied by numerous details in orange that, as we see, appear in the bumpers, bonnet, lower doors, roof, housings of the exterior mirrors, rims, and trunk. Already we have mentioned the tires, the tires are two-tone and 17-inch.

Nissan Micra Bose Personal Edition

Taking as a base the finish Tekna, the most high, comes equipped with lighting Full LED, browser, key, hands free, central armrest, emergency braking automatic detection of pedestrians, lights, long, automatic, 360 degree camera, signal recognition and helps the maintenance lane. The name of the edition signed by the prestigious company Bose, who has developed a few integrated speakers in the headrest to achieve the sound more enveloping.

As we said, is only sold 3,000 units. All of them will deliver a power of 90 HP and counted with a manual transmission of 5 relations, which will be developed by the motor 1.5 dCi diesel or the three-cylinder 0.9 of gasoline; two thrusters more than well-known in the alliance Nissan-Renault.

Surprised by the high endowment of equipment for a B-segment car. The Nissan Micra Bose Personal Edition will start its marketing from June. You can be a great option for anyone looking for an urban eye-catching, attractive and with a high endowment of equipment, although it is not yet possible to know their prices of sale.

Nissan Micra Bose Personal Edition

Nissan Micra
From 11.775 euro