Nissan NV Cargo X Concept: the van to carry a package to the end of the world

In just a few days will start the Chicago Auto show 2017 (11-20 February), and although it is
try an event that with the passing of the years has been losing importance
the international media in favour of other salons that are taking place in other
U.s. cities like Detroit or Los Angeles, the truth is that I always
there are interesting developments that deserve our attention. And a clear example is
the that here. The Nissan NV
Charge X Concept

Nissan NV Cargo X Concept

Nissan NV Cargo X Concept, do the van more off-road ever created?

To the naked eye it may seem that we are at the ideal vehicle to tackle any kind of situation post-apocalyptic. And the truth is that it is so. Created by Ian Johnson, well-known presenter of the television show “Xtreme Off-Road” in collaboration with Nissan, we are faced with the view more off-road capable and tough created from the Nissan NV, the commercial vehicle of the japanese manufacturer.

In particular, has been taken as the basis of a Nissan NV 2500 HD Cargo and the result is obvious. Analyzing in the first place, all modifications to the visual features of the Nissan NV Cargo X Concept, it is worth noting the new bumper, skid plates for the low, a few lights, additional LED technology, a soldering iron portable and the spare wheel full-size.

But, leaving to one side all changes on an aesthetic level, what is really important that presents the Nissan NV Cargo X Concept lies in the (mechanical. And that is if we take a look under its hood we will find a V8-turbo 5.0-liter Cummins. The same block used for the Nissan Titan XD. Throws a power of 314 HP (310 hp) and 753 Nm maximum torque.

Nissan NV Cargo X Concept

Under the hood of the Nissan NV Cargo X Concept we find the block V8 that uses the Nissan Titan XD.

Along this engine, the guys from Johnson also installed the same system of traction to the four wheels that uses the Nissan Titan as well as a suspension of the custom that raises the height of the body with respect to the ground in a major way. And finally, we have a wheels new 37-inch with off-road tires General Grabber 3X.

to test this creation, Ian Johnson and his friends went to Pieatt Draw, a place located near Payson, Arizona. And what we found, far exceeded all the challenges to which it was submitted the Nissan NV Cargo X Concept. This, in just a few days we’ll see it at the Chicago Auto show 2017. There are No plans to bring it to production.