Nissan opens Yokohama its first service of Car Sharing

Nissan Twizy

Give a viable long-term solution for mobility of the inhabitants the great cities is something that brings headache to the governments and brands of cars. In many cities around the world, including Spain, have started to operate the first companies Car Sharing. In Madrid we have Car2Go from Daimler AG and Emov PSA Group. In addition, in Barcelona soon, we’ll have the replica of these but with a subsidiary of Seat.

however, and although it seems that it only happens in our country, the brands of cars they are putting to work more initiatives of this type. Nissan is the next signature is released to the swimming pool and has thus announced that in a matter of days you will begin to work in Japan its new platform of Car Sharing. The city elected to give the starting signal is Yokohama and the model they have chosen from their catalog to perform the first tests is the Twizy.

Nissan Twizy

No, No we were wrong. The Renault Twizy is the quadricycle, that the house of diamond sold in middle Europe. Choosing this model is a direct consequence of the synergies in the Renault-Nissan Alliance and therefore will not need to make a large financial investment to put into operation Choimobi Yokohama. This is the name that you have chosen the responsible of Nissan Motors to call your company of Car Sharing in the asian country.

Nissan Twizy

Choimobi Yokohama will be running until the year 2019, and will aim to give an understanding of the use of electric vehicles to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides and consequently contamination. The first phase of this plan of Car Sharing will be endowed with 25 units of the Nissan Twizy that will be divided by 14 stations of collection and delivery. The points will be placed in the most important areas of the city to improve the access to the vehicles.

drivers who want to make use of this service , should be high on a platform in the internet. Must have drivers license and a smartphone through which made the whole process of rental and removal of the vehicle. The cars must be reserved at least 30 minutes in advance and has a fixed cost of 1.5 euros (approximately). The maximum cost of the service for a day of use will be about 25 euros but Nissan has already confirmed that in the future there will be more prices to be adjusted to the actual demand of drivers.

As a curiosity, have confirmed that as you incorporate more vehicles shall include services of guided tours to the city in even services for hire in the business.

Source – Nissan

Renault Twizy
From 7.930 euro