Nissan presents its new and ambitious strategic plan “Move to 2022”

a few days Ago Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, taking for master of ceremonies to the great Carlos Ghosn, presented to the world its new strategic plan “Alliance 2022”. In it he outlined the main lines of action that take place to become absolute leader of sales in the coming years. However, now it is the turn of each brand of explain how it will work to develop and comply with the guidelines contained in document of the Alliance.

In this case is Nissan who jumps to the fore to explain that they have large and ambitious plans. According to have been reported in the act carried out to present the strategic plan is to “Move to 2022”, the home of Yokohama intends to launch eight new electric models to the year 2022. All in all, expect to increase the sale of their electric models to reach the million units, of face to the year 2022.

The first model of this new offensive of electric products will be a road version of the IMx Concept. According to the Head of Design for Nissan Europe, Mamoru Aoki, is a innovative model that breaks the schemes of the traditional customer, making them feel attracted by him. According to Aoki, it should have a autonomy between refills 500 miles and would be a powerplant double with traction to the four wheels, and a power close to 400 HP.

Another of the fundamental pillars of the strategic plan “Move to 2022” is the conduction system of autonomous ProPilot. According to the own Nissan, ahead of the target year in the industrial plan, should sell a million units equipped with this system. To do this, they would be finalizing the details of the testing to be carried out by routes open to traffic in japan next year.

finally, the next models released to the market Nissan should have the latest connectivity technology alliance franco-japanese. In this way, Alliance Connected Cloud (which will be present in the next models of Renault and Mitsubishi), will provide the services of mobility, connectivity with your smartphone, and internet access in a more simple and fast.

With all the Planning Manager of Nissan, Phillippe Klein, stated that

“our strategy of product and technology is dedicated to position Nissan for to lead the evolution of the automobile, the technology and the business”

“our efforts are focused on the delivery of smart mobility Nissan, which encompasses the three basic elements of electrification, driving, autonomous, connectivity and new mobility services”

What will happen in the future what we do not know, but the change that has given Nissan in the last decade is exponential.

Source – Nissan

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