Nissan ProPilot: well this system works that will soon debut on the Qashqai

just a few days Ago, he debuted in the japanese market the new Nissan Serena, a monovolume of seven places to receive a major overhaul in order to enjoy a more modern and technologically up-to-date. In the beginning, the fact that in Japan to be introduced to a new generation of this model, it may seem unimportant to us, however, is not so.

And is, one of the main technological developments that has made its debut in this model very soon come to the old continent. In particular, we talked about the system ProPilot Nissan. A driving technology autonomous which comes to the market for the first time in the hands of such a family vehicle. However, and as we say, in not many months, will be available in these parts.

But, what is the system ProPilot Nissan? The technology dubbed “ProPilot” is a driving system autonomous that allows our vehicle to follow the flowing freeway right in front of our effective and autonomous. As you can see in the images as well as in the video that heads this article, the system has different sensors and cameras for the recognition of lanes.

Nissan ProPilot - funcionamiento

So is the performance of the system ProPilot Nissan.

system ProPilot Nissan controls the steering, accelerator and brake fully automatic mode. The technology is capable of processing images for analysing the situations of movement and traffic to control accurately the direction and speed of our vehicle. In addition, it has an intuitive interface and a personal screen on which to display the state of operation.

once we activate the system, ProPilot, will control automatically the distance between the car and the vehicle in front by using a speed pre-programmed by the driver (range between 30 and 100 km/h approximately). In the event that the vehicle ahead come to a complete stop, our car will activate the brakes autonomously. Even in case you lift up on the brake pedal, the vehicle will remain still. When he takes up the circulation, the system is activated in the moment in which the driver touches again the control or presses gently on the accelerator.

in Addition, and as well explains Nissan in the video, the system is able to “find” another vehicle traveling later in case of that, which we are following currently leave the lane. On the other hand, the system also recognizes at all times the vehicles that circulate around us. This technology also is functional even in curves.

Nissan ProPilot - funcionamiento

The system recognizes the lanes and vehicles in front of and around us.

Now, forget to unwind when you connect the system, as Nissan has added an audio warning that is activated in case that the driver remove their hands from the wheel. It’s very practical to, as we say, to avoid that someone stop paying attention to the road when you activate the system ProPilot.

When will be available in Europe? The system “ProPilto” Nissan will land in the old continent at the beginning of next year to 2017. will Debut in the european market of the hand of the Nissan Qashqai, which comes to ratify that in just a few short months, the best-selling Nissan will receive a small tweak. It would be the first “facelift” of the second-generation Qashqai which, as we know, came on the market in 2014.