Nissan prostitutes two of its icons with NISMO Patrol

unto you no mistake, the Nissan Patrol is a world icon SUV. A machine that cemented his reputation in reliability and strength: even some detachments of the Civil Guard used today these SUV with all the letters. The latest generation of Patrol is a SUV , is no longer an SUV. A luxurious and heavy machine roadway with a V8 petrol and 5.6 liter engine, sold exclusively in Middle East . Nissan prostitutes his legacy a little more with the launch of a version NISMO the Patrol.

Nothing is as sacred

Current Nissan ones who deserve the name NISMO are the 370Z and GT-R R35 .

The Nissan Patrol NISMO is nonsense . Get away to the few genes Patrol SUV he had left, and becomes a machine whose favorite is the parking area of ​​the shopping centers of Dubai and Sheikh Al-Zayed Road – the road connecting the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi . For starters, look at your body kit. The front opens a bumper with air intakes of red and a more aggressive design, and a darkened grille in which the logo of NISMO falls.

On the side I draw attention to the side vents, painted in red, Norauto more typical of that of NISMO accessory. The Rays now have 22-inch wheels in diameter, fitted with low profile tires which nullify any quedase road capability still in the Patrol. In his defense they have installed a spoiler – on the tailgate – and a rear diffuser in black, by the way, decorative . The new exhaust system with two chrome hovering tails.

NISMO is poised to become a simple finishing more in the range of Nissan.

The interior of the Patrol NISMO is … confusing. Try being a luxurious car racing while managing to be neither. Nissan has not removed the wood trim or ample seating, all he has done is to mount a tachometer red, some lined with the word NISMO in the seats and details like a red mark denoting center position of the steering wheel. A performance based level 5.6 V8 engine receives 28 additional hp, reaching the 428 hp , without appreciable effect on the performance.

This power increase is achieved by electronics and a new exhaust system. The Nissan Patrol NISMO should never have been released , and less on a track near the 370Z NISMO and the GT-R NISMO . NISMO is poised to become a simple finish, away from the mythical and exclusive trainer who was a few years ago.

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