Nissan Qashqai, what will be in Spanish some day?


With these numbers it announced the arrival of the second generation of the Nissan Qashqai, which is produced from 2014

The plant of Nissan in Sunderland is the main producer of automobiles in the United Kingdom, and one of the most productive of Nissan in the world. There are producing Juke, Qashqai, Note (imminent withdrawal), Leaf and Infiniti Q30. it Is possible that the third generation of the Qashqai is not produczca there.

Carlos Ghosn, head of the Alliance Renault Nissan, met with the premier british, Theresa May, last week. Ghosn was looking for peace of mind on the part of the Government of London, because if the Uk leaves the European Union cars exported-80%- will be affected by a tariff of 10%, and that lastraría their competitiveness.

The Qashqai is Nissan’s most produced in Europe of all time

Without a doubt, the Qashqai is an object that is very sweet to any factory, as is the leader of its category yet, the of the crossover compact in the segment C. In the event that the Uk ceases to be an interesting place to produce, at least in this case, the production will have to refer you to another place. Spain is one of the possibilities, as said Expansion, and in second place France.


in addition to Sunderland, Nissan has factory Barcelona, which is now occupied with the pick-up Navara, the NV200 van/Evalia and compact Press. This last is not producing even half of the planned goal, because the market has not accepted to the extent that Nissan wanted. It has not taken yet the decision to end its commercial life, but it is a possibility of face-to 2018, when it touches renew the Qashqai

In Ávila there is a truck floor, and in Santander a component

however, if Sunderland stops producing the Juke, is another possibility for the plant of Barcelona, and so it could reach a production level closer to its maximum capacity. Sunderland is located just a few thousands of units to reach its maximum capacity, 500,000 vehicles a year. The Nissan Note will be removed from the market soon, as it is hoped the new Micra, which will be produced in Flins (France) in a plant of Renault.

In terms of the Nissan Leaf, is another mystery, as it still has not been presented to the new generation, nor is it known where they are going to make. From 2013 the Leaf will be manufactured in each of the main markets where it is sold, that is to say, Japan, the united States and Europe. With respect to Juke or Qashqai is a model of lower volume, but higher value-added technology.


Renault Alaskan, the relative of the Nissan Navara

What is the current situation of Nissan in Barcelona?

According to the Digital Economy, citing sources from Nissan, it is expected a production in Barcelona of 176,000 units for the fiscal year 2017 (April aa pril). In the prior fiscal year was not reached 100,000 units, although the aim was to 132,000 units. The Pulsar is given by lost, according to trade union sources, and the plant depends mainly on the pick-up in any of the three brands that you have.

Almost 30% of the components of the Qashqai already done in Spain

right Now occurs only the Nissan Navara, but also produce the versions Renault and Mercedes-Benz of the same, within the framework of strategic partnership between the Alliance and Daimler. Neither a model nor have a date to begin to be marketed or produced. At least, the model Renault has already been presented, the Alaskan, but for other markets outside the european.

Without doubt produce the Qashqai or the Juke would contribute much to the future of the plant of Barcelona, because right now is underutilized. The forecast of production of the Nissan Pulsar was 80,000 units per year, when the effective production was 35,000 units in the last financial year. One of the problems, according to this means, is that for you to make it extremely expensive.


Nissan Pulsar, the compact model of the japanese brand

Another of the options is, of course, Villamuriel de Cerrato, the plant of Renault in Palencia. Is dedicated exclusively to the production of Renault Mégane and Kadjar, and is connected by railway with the port of Santander for export. Right now the Qashqai and the Kadjar shares many things in common, starting with the platform. The problem of Palencia is the same as that of Valladolid, both the plants are working almost to the limit of its capacity, according to El Norte de Castilla.

Nissan will make its decision on the basis of the competitiveness of each plant. If Uk has to suffer a 10% tariff out of the Union, it is reasonable that the investment be funnelled to other plants of the Alliance, at least in the models of price adjustment. it is Not that Sunderland go to close, is going to have to rethink its use, as to produce most expensive cars, see the X-Trail (for example).

Virtually all of the british industry of the automobile is in foreign hands. The decision to leave the European Union it is not beneficial commercially to the country british in any possible scenario, according to the Elcano Royal Institute. To London would play a last card, which is to “pay” for his budget the 10% tariff to the EU to abolish them, but for the moment, is an unknown.