Nissan range electrical: electrical preferred by cab drivers from all over the world


The electric Nissan have turned to electric vehicles, preferred for taxi.

In 2013 a taxi company in Japan became the first at the global level in add the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle fleet, removing all models of conventional combustion engine of your fleet as usual.

This daring movement it turned out to be a stroke of genius since the electrical have become a great alternative for the businessmen of the public transportation system. Electric vehicles are not only more comfortable for the passengers, since they eliminate the noise and mechanical vibrations, but also pose a considerable reduction of costs in terms of operation and maintenance.

Since is almost completely eliminates the expense of fuel and remove the vast majority of mechanical systems of the vehicle drastically reduces the costs of keeping it. An electric system is more reliable and less expensive to repair than a traditional engine. According to the brand, the cost is reduced by up to 40 percent.


In the infographics made by Nissan, we can see the evolution of the electric vehicles of the japanese brand in this particular segment, the of the taxis. Where in a very short time has gone from being a simple anecdote to become an authentic reference.

The electrical models used are the Leaf and the NV200, which are already present in 26 countries, in the fleets of 113 cities around the world. Nations as disparate as Spain, the Netherlands, Hungary, United Kingdom, Jordan, Mexico and Poland already have zero-emission vehicles in the fleets of this transport service.

These infographics show the route that have had these models in this sector in various parts of the world. A long journey that has been made in a very short period of time of time, and that promises to continue a quick expansion, given the advantages of this type of models.