Nissan reaches 10 million units produced in Mexico


A Nissan Sentra SR blue was the number vehicle 10 million produced Mexico. The Japanese brand has three floors , from where 800 000 units per year.


N Nissan is the brand that most vehicles sold in the Mexican market and after almost half a century since the beginning of its operations in the Aztec country The Japanese brand celebrates no less than produced 10 million units . Nissan has three plants in Mexico, out of which a total of 800 000 units annually , a figure that approaches the company to the stated goal of one million units per year.

After fifty years, Nissan has already produced 10 million units in Mexico.

The vehicle number was 10 million Sentra SR-blue, produced in cell A1 of Aguascalientes, a unit that will be assigned to the local market level. Nissan’s activities in Mexico began in the year 1966 when plant Morelos came the first Datsun Bluebird .

This was the first assembly plant Nissan outside Japan, which later the engine plant Aguascalientes joined in 1982, that of Aguascalientes A1 in 1992 and 2013 of Aguascalientes A2 .

Interestingly, to produce its first five million units Nissan took 40 years, while second five million were produced in just nine years old .The target for the company in 2015 is the to achieve reach 820 000 units produced, with the goal set at one million units.

Mexico is already the largest producer of vehicles in Latin America, beating Brazil and being located in the seventh in the world ranking among the largest producers of vehicles. Eight out of ten vehicles assembled in Mexico, are destined for the export market.





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