Nissan releases a teaser of the prototype that will be presented in the Lounge of Tokyo

teaser-nissan Tokyo motor show is prepared for you within a few days will be inaugurated this year’s edition 2015. Among other manufacturers, Nissan, will be one of the who will bet for bringing some novelties. How could it be otherwise one of the samples will come in the format of a concept and will advance the future of what could be the new generation of the Leaf. And it is that is expected to be a prototype purely electric, and do play by the teaser that have been published, with appearance of the compact.

As we told you, it will not be the only novelty that the japanese company will present in this new edition of the Salon of Tokyo but if you will be one of the most important. Of course, there is no confirmation that it is a preview of the next Nissan Leaf, although there are several reasons to believe in it. Some rumors had hinted in September that there would come a prototype this shows that, ahead of the lines of the Leaf, and analyzing the teaser that launched the japanese seems to have been inspired in good measure to the format of the body which exhibits the Leaf.

nissan-leaf-2016Despite the fact that little we can take from this image if you can guess a new style in terms of the forms of the front, modern technology and a set of lines that come to the grill. The aesthetic is rounded and can be seen a few steps from wheel of generous dimensions. The prevailing colour is blue and it is not surprising because the concept has a clear focus on the world of electricity.

The latest source to claim that the new Nissan Leaf will be ready for next year 2017. Among its novelties we find a new amount of autonomy that could reach up to 400 km, This will be possible thanks to the incorporation of new batteries and the application of technology developed in more detail.

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