Nissan restores the Patrol 'Fanta Lemon' of the Dakar 1987


Spain has a particular love affair with the Dakar at all levels and within this relationship certainly deserves a special episode Nissan Patrol ‘Fanta Lemon’. This vehicle, developed by a group of engineers from Nissan Europe settled in Barcelona along the year 1986, it became the first car diesel in finishing in the top ten of the Dakar. It was in 1987 and then your robust 4-cylinder engine and 2.8-liter turbodiesel of 146 horses had already led to this colourful model to victory in the always complex Rally of the Pharaohs.

This team built two units of Nissan Patrol ‘Fanta Lemon that took the exit in Paris. Unit #211 was for the couple formed by Miguel Prieto and Ramón Tremens, while in the #212 competed the brothers George and Hansi Babler. However, the training was the start of a Dakar to forget, and quickly left without assistance truck and without the Nissan Patrol #212. All in all, Miguel Prieto, one of the Spanish pilots with a career longest in the Dakar, threw in caste to bring to the Nissan Patrol ‘Fanta Lemon’ #211 until the goal. From the ninth position, was the first diesel to finish the test.


After finishing his competitive life in the dunes, the Nissan
Patrol ‘Fanta Lemon’ #211 was donated to the private collection of Salvador Claret
where he has remained until a computer program ‘Performance Innovation’
the signature japanese discovered this unit on the internet. With the aim of giving
a new life and celebrating its 30th anniversary, andl European Technical Center of
Nissan has returned to life
thanks to the work of Pedro Diaz Illian, one of
the original designers. Their collaboration and the tenure of the
original plans have been allowed to return this Patrol 4×4 to your state

A team of eight people have worked on the restoration Nissan Patrol ‘Fanta Lemon’ #211 on a task that has not been easy because the engine was in terrible condition. In addition, the front axle was damaged, a large part of the chassis affected by corrosion and all wiring was inoperative because of the rats. All in all, almost two years of work and a wide search of spare parts of second-hand and dealers of the brand in Europe have allowed the Nissan Patrol ‘Fanta Lemon’ #211 returns to its original state and can re-visit the desert dunes of north Africa.