Nissan Rogue Warrior Concept, a warrior of winter


The Nissan Rogue Warrior Concept is all a warrior for the snow

This is the Nissan Rogue Warrior Concept, a one-off unveiled during the Montreal international Auto Show by Nissan Canada, it is a spectacular Nissan X-Trail (Rogue at those places) with snow chains instead of wheels so that no one will stop in the white landscapes. A warrior bred for combat the harsh weather of the winter and continue to enjoy as never before.

An X-Trail is equipped with snow chains

This prototype of Nissan comes equipped with snow chains (tracks) Dominator manufactured by the specialist American Truck Track. Each one measures 122 cm long, 76 cm high and 38 cm wide. In addition, the SUV has been slightly adapted suspension with a custom, flared wheel arches, and special protections for the snow.

Thanks to the chains, this drive X-Trail lift your ground clearance in 58 cm additional allow you to get to where no one can. In terms of its practicality is capable of climbing slopes of snow of up to 45 degrees of inclination and do not believe that it is a slow transport as they can travel at speeds of up to 100 km/h.

the rest of The car as we know it since it has a propeller, transmission -gearbox Xtronic– and a system of all-wheel-drive as the mounting of series. The own Oliver B├ędard, Champion of the Copa Micra 2015, presents us with this spectacular prototype on video.