Nissan Rogue Warrior: put caterpillars to an SUV is always a great idea

to Put chains or tracked to an SUV is always a great idea. Ken Block did with his Ford F-150 Raptor and Nissan flirted with a prototype called Juke RSnow a couple of years ago – my partner David even was able to see live in your riding experience on ice. Interestingly, Nissan is returning to its old ways and its canadian subsidiary has created a prototype called Rogue Warrior. An interesting SUV with all-wheel drive and caterpillars capable of towing dozens of skiers and climb up to the ski lifts much faster than the slow lifts.

In Canada – also in the united States and other markets – the Nissan X-Trail is known as Nissan Rogue. So what you are seeing is for all purposes an X-Trail. X-Trail equipped with an engine 1.6 DIG-T 163 HP series, associated to a gearbox CVT Xtronic and awd system, like many others in Canada and the united States. Instead of wheels it has installed a track system created ad-hoc, which uses the axles and braking system of the original car.

nissan-rogue-warrior-4in Addition to this “small” modification, the Nissan Rogue Warrior takes a few fender oversized to avoid that the projections of powder to disturb the driver… and the skiers around the car. The car has been presented as the great star of the International Auto show of Montreal (not as famous as the Detroit motor show) and Nissan has been accompanied by a interesting and entertaining video in which you can check the functioning of this curious prototype.

As you can see, has no problem climbing slopes of snow of up to 45 degrees of inclination or pass over 40 centimeters of new-fallen snow. I’m sure many would like to have a Nissan Rogue Warrior for those latitudes, where the winters can be really severe. Its maximum speed on snow is up to 100 km/h, thanks to a spectacular caterpillars of 38 inches of width, 76 centimeters in height and 1,22 meters in length. We are not surprised that its free height to the soil to grow to 58 cm

nissan-rogue-warrior-5Nissan has no plans to launch a car, so the market, but I am sure that several companies offer conversions similar to its use on snow. I wish all the X-Trail looked this Rogue Warrior.

Source: Nissan Canada
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