Nissan Skyline GT-R NISMO 400R (1997): what’s the best R33 ever created?

saga Nissan Skyline is possibly the one that best represents the sportsmanship of japan. Was born in the 60’s, but their peak of popularity were the 90’s, a decade in which co-existed three legendary generations: R32, R33 and R34. When the name Skyline was accompanied by the acronym GT-R, we knew that things were going to get really serious… until it was NISMO. The preparer official Nissan lived its golden age, creating the best cars of japanese origin. The Nissan Skyline GT-R NISMO 400R was possibly his best creation.

Only 44 units were built, but the car was wildly popular thanks to the video game Gran Turismo.

The Nissan Skyline GT-R NISMO 400R was launched to the market in November of 1997, in a spin, very limited. Really limited: only 44 units were manufactured. Today, it is a modern classic, collector, the value of which does no more than be seen. The reason for its release was to honor the success in competition, NISMO and Nissan in 1995 and 1996, especially at Le Mans. The Nissan Skyline GT-R NISMO 400R was based on the GT-R V-spec, already at the maximum evolution of the GT-R, aimed openly to use in circuit.

nissan-skyline-nismo-400r-6TO NISMO seemed not enough for him. Displaying his obsession with japanese by the detail and peak performance, created a car almost entirely new on the V-spec. A car that would be the swan song of the Skyline R33, as in 1998 would be released the R34, the last generation to use the name Skyline, at least for these latitudes. Although NISMO is also dedicated to sell kits aesthetic for SUVS, we should not forget his legacy, and this masterpiece with wheels was one of his best creations.

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NISMO stirred heaven and earth to make this Skyline the best R33 road ever created.

The first thing that NISMO did was talk with Reinik, the internal division of Nissan Powertrain in charge of producing racing engines. Instead of using the engine RB26DETT – one of the most legendary japanese engines of all time – used its racing version, called the RB-X GT2. This engine was used by Nissan in Le Mans or Pikes Peak, without going any further. Their turbochargers were more resistant, and its design used in both block and internal components reinforced, designed to withstand the rigors of racing.

nissan-skyline-nismo-400r-5Mounted on supports reinforced, the front of this inline six was close to 2.8 liters. Instead of the 280 HP that developed the GT-R engine RB26DETT, the RB-X GT2 developed 400 HP at 6.800 rpm and a maximum torque of 470 Nm at 4400 rpm, with its turbochargers blowing at 1.1 bars of pressure. The entire cooling system of the car was modified, and the transmission shaft power happened to be carbon fiber, instead of steel. The braking equipment, suspension, exhaust… everything passed through the hands of NISMO.

With 1,550 kilos of weight, was able to accelerate up to 97 km/h in 4.0 seconds, and beat any other GT-R in circuit.

Your track width was 50 mm more width, some components of your front suspension were made of carbon fiber. The list of mechanical modifications is very extensive, and you can consult in the file of NISMO, at this link. Aesthetically, the car also differed clearly from the other Skyline GT-R. Its body kit was specific, with the aim of improving the cooling of your engine. Sold in exclusive colours, being the yellow the most intense and well-remembered by the public.

nissan-skyline-nismo-400r-2In the series, Gran Turismo has been one of the cars more difficult to obtain, almost as much as in real life. Already appeared in the first videogame of the saga, and was simply invincible on a track. Almost as much as in the reality: your all-wheel drive system ATTESA E-TS PRO with a limited-slip differential allowed for awesome behavior, that the version 400R carried even further thanks to tires with 275 mm of section, mounted on rims NISMO LM/GT1 alloy ultra-light, forged aluminum. It was all a athlete.

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EVO has recorded a fantastic video in which we have the driving experience aboard this beast so special. If there’s something that we should just stay of this test is with the conclusion. A perfect combination of modern efficiency with a true feeling of the old school. One direction-heavy, a change hard, a sound rough… but a performance that still amazes today. There are electronics, but not enough to tarnish the experience of driving. Don’t miss out.

Source: NISMO | EVO
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