Nissan Skyline GT-R NISMO Z-Tune (2003): a R34 to dominate them all and a gem of a collection

On rare occasions, put to sale cars that are truly special. We speak of stunning machines like this: a Nissan Skyline GT-R NISMO Z-Tune, possibly the best R34 ever made in a formal manner. Only 21 units were manufactured in 2003, taking as base the GT-R V-spec II. The R34 is not already being sold, so NISMO had to find two dozen second-hand cars in perfect condition and to buy them to their owners. The reason was simple, celebrate by everything high the 20 anniversary of the institution that was NISMO.

A 20 year anniversary for all high

The obsession with quality and detail, the breaking of the disease in this Z-Tune. Possibly the masterpiece of Nismo.

Really, the transformation to which these GT-R R34 were subjected is quite similar to that practiced by Nismo in the spectacular 400R manufactured on the Skyline R33, of which we told you about a while ago. The base is a “simple” GT-R on the that you have practiced enough modifications performance to turn it into a completely new car. When NISMO was proposed to manufacture the GT-R NISMO Z-Tune, he found that the production of the Nissan Skyline R-34 had already ceased. How they were going to get 20 units?

nissan-gt-r-nismo-z-tune-9In the second-hand market. For months, NISMO sought to owners of Skyline GT-R V-Spec that they would like to sell their prized machines. The selection criteria were strict: they were to be cars with less than 30,000 miles on the odometer, as well as a perfect mechanical condition and aesthetics of a strict series. It may seem crazy, but the level of obsession for the care of cars in Japan is higher than in the rest of the world. And cars like the Skyline GT-R were the most cared for by their owners.

They were going to build 20 units, but the production ended up with 19 units and two prototypes. All were hand-built.

With the cars in his power, began a series of transformations that would make the GT-R V-Spec machines completely different. The attention to detail and the quality of the work of NISMO striped obsession-insane in the creation of these Z-Tune. The list of modifications is huge, and you can check it in this link. You are going to tell you that in our opinion have been the most relevant. For a start, all the cars were re-painted in a silver color only for this release: the “Z-tune Silver (KY0)”.

nissan-gt-r-nismo-z-tune-4Subsequently, they were provided with a aerodynamic kit fully functional, built in CFRP, plastic reinforced with carbon fiber. Their appearance was threatening, with massive cooling air openings in the hood and bumper, as well as a rear diffuser and a spoiler of epic proportions. Of course, all these additions were fully functional, and were also looking for a weight reduction. NISMO has always respected the the maximum of function on the form. If, on the way out a car aggressively beautiful, all the better.

7 of the 19 units processed, were handed over to Nismo for their owners, who wanted to convert his V-Spec in a car much more special.

Zero postureo: wheels LM GT4 “GT500 Model” manufactured by RAYS were forged pieces almost identical to those used in the championship GT500 japanese cars. The Bridgestone Potenza REO1R in measurements 265/35 R18 were the best you could buy at the time. The drive shaft was carbon fiber instead of steel, and the rear differential received two radiators, electronically controlled to cool your oil. Nismo was expected that his car was heavily used on track-days.


faster than a Nissan GT-R R35

The modifications didn’t end there. Under its hood was the magic. The engine RB26DETT was replaced by another called just Z2. A block reinforced developed from the block pilot Z1, directly derived from the experience of Nismo at Le Mans and the championship GT500 japanese. This block was strengthened, and all its internal components were forged, constructed with a level of tolerance far inferior to the Skyline of production. The intake system was also derived from the competition.

Your clutch SUPER COPPERMIX TWIN was capable of supporting up to 600 HP of power and 600 Nm of maximum torque.

The turbocharger was specially developed by IHI for this vehicle, and was blowing up to 1.6 bar of pressure, making a – power of “at least 500 HP”, with a maximum torque of at least 545 Nm. It is believed that for reasons of warranty, these numbers were slightly underestimated. Is apparent when we discover that it is a vehicle able to do the quarter mile in 10,06 seconds. The current Nissan GT-R R35 is not low of 10.8 seconds in the serial configuration. And have a gearbox double-clutch, not a manual.

nissan-gt-r-nismo-z-tune-5the Entire cooling system and exhaust was replaced by a system ad-hoc much higher than the standard car. Your track width was 15 mm more width and Sachs designed a specific suspension for the Z-Tune, height and hardness adjustable. The sway bars were redesigned and a bar of turrets was installed in the engine bay to add rigidity to the assembly. Maybe you also had mentioned that the chassis was completely gutted and reinforced with more welding points in some critical places.

Your engine woke up at 5,000 rpm, and push it beyond 7,500 rpm. Despite its awd, its dynamics was not for all audiences.

The car was sold by NISMO in its time by by 16.9 billion yen. About 140,000 euros of the time. With a production so limited, the price of the units of the second-hand has skyrocketed. They are authentic jewels of collector, whose current value already exceeds half a million euros. Much more than a Nissan GT-R “tuned”. The maximum exponent of the work of a ORGANISM that lived in a golden age. If you still want more, I recommend you to see how well you moved this fantastic vehicle in the video that follows.

The video is of the great of Best Motoring, and among other things, is translated to English. The Z-Tune snack to a Ferrari 360 Challenge of competition in Tsukuba.

Source: NISMO