Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 to R35 Nissan GT-R: Can the prodigal son beat his father


If there is a car that appear next to the definition of capable in our particular automotive dictionary, that car would be the GT-R Nissan . A real giant killer, devourer of records and a real treasure when receiving frightening preparations, with more than 2,000 horsepower. His reputation is not undeserved, but part of the legend is due to his father, the equally legendary Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 . AutoExpress has decided circuit face two generations of Godzilla . A family battle.

15 years of technological evolution

The GT-R R34 had a power in excess of 330 CV bank, but declared 280 hp.

The guys at AutoExpress have faced the Nissan GT-R 45th Anniversary Edition – with its increased interior refinement and elegant details exterior – and its 550 horsepower against an Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 , one of the first units to arrive in the UK, where it is legally sold since 1999. Equipped with an engine RB26DETT with two turbochargers, six-cylinder and 2 , 6-liter engine, was able to develop a moderate power of 280 hp. A limited power in Japan by state regulations , but taken from an engine capable of supporting over 600 hp without modification block.

With a weight of only 1,540 kg , the GT-R R34 was able to humiliate almost any supercar on track, thanks to a brilliant chassis, a permanent AWD very advanced for the time and a box of sports manual gearbox. A car in the words of Steve Sutcliffe – Tester Auto Express – still feels modern, not as a hoary relic. A tremendously fun machine capable of impressing even his balance and performance. What about your son?

If the Skyline GT-R was a prodigy of mechanical and balance , the Nissan GT-R R35 is pure brute force, tamed by the electronics to the point your driving is simple. A beast of 550 hp, Skyline dramatically than in almost all aspects, although it is true that it has lost involvement by the driver, or manual gearbox. Oh, and weighs over 1,800 kg. At any rate, it is an indomitable machine circuit, and your time is four seconds higher than the Skyline.

four seconds a lap under 50 seconds is outrageous, frankly. But I thought that the difference would be even greater. Skyline is that still retains part of his charisma and performance.

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