Nissan Sway, live: the Volkswagen Polo of the future will face this conceptual utility

Nissan presented to us by reason of Geneva conceptual bet for the B segment to which it has dubbed Nissan Sway. Obvious, at first glance, that this is a model conceptual and many design features are impossible to carry production well, but many others will be easy to find in the next car segment B Japanese brand.

The Nissan Sway has a length of 4.01 meters, halfway between Micra and Note

Its design is defined by the well-marked nerves his side, which extends into the bonnet leaving us with some rounded and rather bulging wheel arches while the front prominence it captures an adaptation of grille V we’ve seen in recent conceptual models of the brand.

Can we start thinking about these fenders or front in V, in those front optical torn or optical in C inverted behind, also in that nerve properly smoothed to the arrival of the next utilitarian brand is that however we see this conceptual model is teaching the aesthetic way forward for the brand in their next creations .

Its interior is even more conceptual and we are presented with a large screen presiding over the center console very similar to those used by BMW . Beyond the instrumentation in two areas throughout the cabin is too bold as to encontrárnoslo in a production model.

Are we at the Nissan Micra future? Perhaps more than before the model as such stand before the design features that serve as inspiration for shaping.

Source: Nissan
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