Nissan teaches a video about the autonomous vehicle to the Detroit Auto Show

Many manufacturers, not only of cars, but technology companies, we are adding to the technology driving autonomous. There is a certain career by seeing that signature will be the first in producing the first vehicle to be fully autónomor. Nissan is one of them, and has released a video that serves as a foretaste to what we will see in the Hall of Detroit.

The video, whose slogan is “Imagine a world in which strength is used to protect,“ which comes to mean in English, “Imagine a world in which force is used to protect”, is noted for the use of the colors red, black and white, significant of Nismo, the division of sports of Nissan, and the representation of vehicles that circulate in an orderly manner.

The colours used contrast with those often used to highlight this type of technologies, since other firms tend to use blue as a tone that represents the future and renewable energies. The employment of straight lines and the typical sounds of the katanas, imply that the vehicle that the japanese will have a design breakthrough, we believe even for a sporty.

In the last few minutes of the video you can read “Tradition is a bridge to the future“, which means “tradition is a bridge to the future”. This could be a clue that might reveal that the prototype of Nissan could have familiar traits to an existing model currently, but that obviously, will have technology driving autonomous as hinted at in the video.

Discarding the Nissan Leaf Nismo, which was already presented months ago, you can bet that without a doubt, the next prototype of the japanese, which we will discover at the Detroit Auto show, will have a hybrid system or electric, and which has all chances to be a sport. We can only hope to reveal if our speculating is true.

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