Nissan Theatre for Day Concept, more mobile than a car

it Is said that those born after 1995 are the first generation to really technological in the world. These are the people that will have at its disposal the greatest variety of systems and innovations, and those are the ones that will change the panorama automotive world. For them, and come from the living Room of Tokyo 2015, Nissan presents us with the Nissan Theatre for Day Concept.


All the screens of the world at your fingertips, but little more truth

A name a bit extravagant for a prototype that is very reminiscent of the Nissan Cube, but little or nothing looks like him. The experts sociologists of Nissan considered that the landscape of the sales world is about to change. That these new generations of highly technological demand a different product to which we are accustomed.

connectivity will be the main element when buying a car of the future. The TWENTY-first century is a digital book open, and anytime is a good time to make contact with your friends or loved ones. The Theatre for Day Concept takes this idea to the maximum-expression, such is its technological focus, which even dispenses items considered vital in the day today.

on all sides we see screens and surfaces and digital that will be able to change in function of our demands and needs. All passengers can enjoy their own area of leisure and recreation, because this, apparently, is the only thing that will look for the buyer of tomorrow. What in Nissan consider removing value added.

Be that as it may, the truth is that beyond the technology of the Theatre for Day Concept not to reveal us a inside anything comfortable. In fact their seats are not as such, but they are sidewalks solid. Is very well the theme of connectivity and technology, but a little comfort would be nice. One of those added values that the new generation does not seem to require.