Nissan Theatre for Dayz: the iPhone kei-car

few days ago Martin Winterkorn said that in 2020 would have turned their cars into “smartphones on wheels”. She said Volkswagen days before he would face a major crisis in its history. But basically it reflected a very clear concept, that of transformation of a car – for better and for worse – in a mere technological gadget . Nissan believe that, mostly, young people have lost enthusiasm for old cars (yes, says the brand to our delight at dealerships still retains a coupe, two-seater, rear-wheel drive and V6). So for these young people, for those kids in the information age in a few years will be the card draw, car is nothing more than that contraption in which while driving “disconnected his friends “, I quote the exact words of the statement of Nissan.

The Nissan Theatre for Dayz is the conceptual vision materializes detachment of the new generations by the passion generated by cars, new cars will not seek generations, but four-wheel gadgets.

So Nissan has led to what end would demand an iPhone on four wheels , with a very radical proposal based solely on connectivity and infotainment. And they have made the basis of a kei-car , the famous Japanese urban utility vehicles that are not only practical and economical for its size and its low capacity, but also by pingües tax benefits.

Another concept that explores Nissan goes beyond the customization, which both have advocated in recent years with products like the Nissan Juke. Nissan believes that in the future customers will not want a car in which they can choose colorful details on its body or tires, but a car that can change dynamically design to suit your mood.


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All these ideas have made the prototype Nissan Theatre for Dayz, which will be presented this month at the Tokyo Motor Show, expect a highly minimalist interior with as a blank canvas . A canvas by the time we get going it becomes a full multimedia experience, with colorful panels with screens LED perfectly integrated into all surfaces, from the huge dashboard behind the steering wheel until backups seats and upholstery of these.


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Obviously it is a conceptual idea of ​​how to make each panel of a car to show information on how to bring to end the obsession with being informed and connected online. I can think of many reasons why we should never see this in the street, it would cost me to list, starting with security issues. And, at least until the cars are able to take us to our destination by themselves, I fear that add so many distractions for the driver should not be too good …

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