Nissan unveils sketch official of the Altima that you’ll see in New York

Ago, more or less, a month Nissan announced with a video teaser that would be the Auto show New York the sixth generation of its saloon media. The Altima is one of the sedan sold in the united States (and much of America) so that taking into account this situation, they decided to skip the International motor show in Geneva to present this novelty.

In the paper chart that we left I could not see anything beyond the date on which the appointment of new york will open its doors, the next march 28, and speculate about its aesthetics was the least complicated. However, now that the day is approaching “zero”, Nissan want to reveal a first original sketch in which we can see some strokes of design that will shape the next generation of Altima.

In this illustration, the truth be told, not we can get a lot of data, because with the exception of a few optical groups key and front grille very marked, there is little more we can say. However, seeing this image we have agreed to the last prototype that Nissan presented in the Detroit Auto show (NAIAS), Vmotion 2.0 Concept.

The first thing that catches the attention between the model of the sketch and the Vmotion 2.0 Concept is that the first practically calca strokes of the second, though with a style more soft. Therefore, it is expected that the next generation of Altima is very similar to the model advanced in NAIAS, at least in appearance, since the configuration and design of your interior will leave the lines of concept to move to a more close to production.

we Already know that the technical level will be developed on the platform D Nissan, although for this model will be redesigned, as the new Altima will be able to include technology as leading as the System ProPilot premiered at the new Nissan Leaf, a hybrid version and even a system of four-wheel drive managed by a gearbox for drive controller continuous CVT.

In any case, we will have more details of the sixth generation of the sedan when the Salon New York open its doors to the public. However, before we say goodbye we must say something to those responsible of Nissan: “please, if the new Altima is so attractive, to bring it to Europe it sure has a future, do not be afraid of their German rivals, because customers searching for a vehicle are different will have in him a model to consider”.

Source – Nissan

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