Nissan unveils Versa Note 2017 before The Angels 2016


grill V-chrome, now a hallmark of the brand.

few days Ago I brought you the first spy photos of the new Nissan Versa Note fully exposed. Our photographers capture utility completely naked, way of a photo session, which, as we suspected, has served for the presentation of the model.

Nissan has revealed the first official images, in which we discover the same drive orange that we sighted earlier in the week. What that confirms for us the aesthetic changes that will suffer the model, at least in north America, a market that is targeted by this version.

The Versa Note is the variant for the north american market the Nissan Note european model next to disappear, replaced in part by the new generation of the Micra. However, the japanese house will continue offering it in the american market.


The changes affect mostly the front and the bumper.

as we pointed out at the time, the changes are few, but visible. With a redesigned front which now has a new grille with a great chrome trim in the form of V next to which we see the optical redesigned.

In the rear area we also found a few changes compared to the previous version, the Versa Note 2017 account with a bumper, more sculpted, and a few optical groups slightly redesigned and a new spoiler rear.

In the interior we also find small novelties. New USB ports and current and some coasters of greater size, as well as new upholstery and colors available.


rear Bumper more sculpted and optical redesigned.

At the mechanistic level, we find a four-cylinder engine 1.6 liters and 110 HP (109 hp) horsepower and 145 Nm of maximum torque, with automatic transmission-type CVT.

Your presentation will be in the Salon Los Angeles 2016, with a marketing shortly after. Always talking about the north american market, as this new version will not land in showrooms european, since the fall of sales of this segment has caused the mark to cancellation at the end of this year.