Nissan wants to produce a Z cheap that young people can afford

just a few hours Nissan said that the GT-R would have to have a feeling more premium, be a car more luxurious. One of lime and one of sand, I guess, because they have also announced that the next member of the Z family will be cheaper. The idea behind a Z affordable is that young people can afford it. These are the words of Mamori Aoki, chief designer of the japanese brand, which contends that his current price is too high for many young people. The idea of a Z lightweight, simple, and affordable is very, very appealing.

At least in Spain, the current Nissan 370Z is barely sold, despite a blow out price of only 32.900€.

I’m still without understand you, dear readers. We love cars like the Toyota GT 86 or the Nissan 370Z. These are machines that meet all our criteria petrolhead: you have a naturally aspirated engine, manual gearbox, a power that is more than correct, rear-wheel drive and few complications electronic. Since a few months ago, the 370Z enjoys a period of sales which has left his price at only 32.900€. And even so, no one buys this type of cars. It is sad, very sad, that the sales of the 370Z in Spain in 2015 will not reach the 50 units.


I don’t Know the situation in other european countries, but at least in the U.S., the Z – as well as the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ – enjoy sales substantial, and is still their main market. For people like Mamori Aoki still not be enough. has long been rumored about the next Z, Nissan. A crossover, with front-wheel drive, a hybrid… the list of rumours is huge. To bind them the official statements of Aoki: will have to be cheaper so that more people can afford. Don’t think that’s a bad idea.

looking back to the news of the last few months, the rumors about a Z crossover took special force with the presentation of the Nissan Gripz Concept, a prototype crossover sports that you simply could teach us the style codes of a future Juke. Just a month ago, Hiroshi Tamura – responsible of product of NISMO and the range of sports Nissan – announced that there will be a direct successor to the 370Z, true to the current car. If we combine both statements, we can breathe a sigh of relief.

how A Nissan Z the old-fashioned way, more simple and more lightweight? Yes, please.

Source: TTAC
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