Nissan will not compete with the Toyota GT 86, but the sagas Z and GT-R will never die

three years Ago, Nissan surprised everyone in the Hall of Tokyo with the IDx Concept. Two sporting a retro look, with rear-wheel drive and desire to put things difficult to the Toyota GT 86. We have bad news for you: these tributes rolling to the fantastic Datsun 510 in the seventies will never come to production, . The reason? The enormous cost associated with the development of a new platform of propulsion and small dimensions. But do not despair, there is still hope for sports cars at Nissan.

The cost of development would be very high in relation to sales are to be expected. What it sounds to me this story?

In an interview with AutoExpress, Shiro Nakamura – senior vice president and chief creative officer at Nissan – has confirmed that Nissan will not compete with the Toyota GT 86. As much as I like the idea of a small coupe of propulsion, his development would be too expensive and make it front wheel drive would be a betrayal of their principles. You cannot deny them that they are in line, you have to admit. But what about the platform of the new Alpine’s, are already developed? “Nissan is not a manufacturer of motor vehicles central”.

nissan-gt-r-2017-11again, a jug of water cold, but impossible to deny that in line with their tradition. In this line, Nakamura admits that Nissan should renew its strategy platforms, or at least repensarla – gives the impression of being chaotic, or at least, you need a simplification. the importance of The platforms is today the capital, and any manufacturer or consortium has or is putting in place common platforms that are modular, with the aim of reducing development costs. Nissan also is making, the record.

Where the lord Shiro Nakamura has no doubt is in the future of their range of sports. The sagas Z and GT-R will follow in Nissan’s “forever”, so that we can breathe easy: some feared the death of the Z with the 370Z. What seems clear is that the Z will be passed to the turbocharging – the Infiniti Q60 should give us certain clues about future engines – and the successor of the current Nissan GT-R may possibly have some type of hybrid technology in its belly. We live in times of change.

nissan-370z-2015-1-1440pxSource: AutoExpress
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