Nissan will unveil an extended range electric in 2016


Nissan will add to its range a new extended range electric vehicle

the success of The Nissan Leaf is undeniable. Recently, the compact 100% electric number one in the world was updated with a new battery 30 kWh capacity increased significantly the range of autonomy to the 250 km. However, the manufacturer knows that the biggest enemy to sell in power is the fear of the client to remain without autonomy, despite the fact that half the daily commute is just 50 km

Nissan wants to respond to that doubt when buying a electric to offer a new model of extended autonomy. electric vehicles with extended autonomy have a little gasoline engine that provides support to recharge the batteries when we were without electricity and we need to move more. This engine will never move directly to the wheels but acts as a electricity generator.

Now all we have in mind a Nissan Leaf, extended-range, but it is not. The Leaf will be maintained as a pure electric, at least for the moment. The new vehicle will be powered by electricity from Nissan will be a completely new model and what we will see in 2016.

Other manufacturers such as BMW have a vehicle of these characteristics. The BMW i3 REX is an i3 that basically we have added a twin engine gasoline of a scooter and a small fuel tank which will come into operation automatically when we ran out of energy.

In this way, although we may not be able to charge the vehicle or do not have the time necessary to do it always we will be able to continue driving just to visit a gas station as a conventional vehicle. Although the stories will be more often as that continues to be seen as an extended range electric and not a hybrid, the fuel tank is only 9 litres in the case of the BMW.