No demos for dead Mazda rotary engine, there is hope even

Since the Mazda RX-8 has stopped selling three years ago the world is an orphan of cars with rotary engines . But nevertheless, the popularity of the Mazda rotary engine – designed by Felix Wankel in the 60s, passed through the hands of NSU and Citroen unsuccessfully, until the patent ended in the hands of the Japanese – It remains huge, especially in the world of high performance. One type of single-engine, very high engine speed and delivery more like the power of a motorcycle. And are not dead.

is inefficient and problematic but we love

is inefficient and problematic, but the rotary engine is not yet dead.

After the death of the Mazda RX-8 in 2012, Mazda continued development of the rotary engine. A turbocharged version – which solves the low torque at low revs – was developed, but it was impossible to lower their emissions: I would not have been approved in Europe or US The good news is that in Hiroshima have not given up, and in the Frankfurt Autocar magazine could talk to Masamichi Kogai – president of Mazda – which has confirmed that the development of a new generation rotary engine remains march .

mazda-rotativas-2 In fact, there a team of engineers who are solely dedicated to it . And we all know that if the Japanese put enough effort into a task, there is no stopping them. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis team is bring technology rotary engines at the same level as the current piston engines . The Mazda RX-8 was released more than a decade, and the conventional engine technology has evolved so amazing. Direct injection, downsizing, charging … the list is huge

Rotary have problems with fuel oil consumption and low torque motor and a cold start difficult.

This team of engineers is working very enthusiastically in this project, if it comes to fruition will mean a return to a sports Mazda rotary engine. The letters “RX-9” suddenly begin to acquire a new meaning. Mazda will not be ready to launch a new sports newspaper to not reduce cold starting problems this type of engine, its oil consumption – and thus harmful emissions – and gas guzzler , one of the most important concerns.

mazda-rotativas-1 Mazda has even experimented with the use of rotary engines as range extenders and electric plug-in hybrids. The good news is also that European regulations Euro6 has not altered the limits of emissions from gasoline engines , so at least enjoy a favorable legislative work Margo. Yet not expect to have a Mazda RX-9 on the market before 2018, and this is still optimistic. But the rotary engine is not dead, and that is excellent news.

Source: Autocar
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