No, it is not science fiction, it is the aeropatín Lexus, the Lexus Hoverboard


Lexus he has succeeded. It has created a worthy floating skateboard “Back to the Future” , a skateboard able to rise a few millimeters above the ground and awaken the child within us. It sounds like science fiction, seems crazy, but that “toy” of the future with a past that dream … now it’s real and we can see in video .

The skater Ross McGouran has been commissioned to try this Lexus Hoverboard.

“Pushing the limits of technology, design and innovation to make the impossible possible” . That is the leitmotiv that has pushed the Japanese firm to shape this “hoverboard” in a process that took 18 months and which have come together a team come from IFW and EVICO GmbH , specialized in the technology of magnetic levitation.

But how the Lexus hoverboard work?

The movement of this hoverboard flotation occurs through a maglev provided by a superconducting therein are cooled by immersion in Nitrogen to – 197th, hence the “smoke” that looks out from his side.

The key to the operation of this hoverboard is that this aeropatín loaded superconducting can only slide on a track, on a skate park, specifically created under which a number of staying magnets they do possible to fly.

someday will see these skates in the streets? still seems early course, the need for a skate park is a great magnetic ballast hoverboard in the case of Lexus, but certainly there are several companies struggling to develop, to create such aeropatín dreamed that one day we captured on film.

Video Lexus Hoverboard


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