No, it is not the next CLS: after this sketch hides the new Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes presents us with a new breakthrough of the Mercedes E Class. Yes, one more. After teaching us how to this next generation in a series of videos, still camouflaged, after teaching us the pictures of your cabin, we feel a breakthrough, a somewhat bare-bones, in any way reminds us that his arrival is imminent.

The 11th day of January opens its doors to the Salon of Detroit, there we will visit:

did you Know that you’ll be able to park at the next Mercedes E-Class with the mobile?

If we attend to the traces present in the sketch, to the fall of the roof, we might as well say we are witnessing the generational shift of the Mercedes CLS, to the hypothetical, and future Mercedes CLE, but not, as you can imagine this is the “typical” drama, the exaggeration, this type of sketches.

we Remain on standby. Their arrival, with all the data, with all the images, is imminent, let us remember that presents on the occasion of the Salon de Detroit, within little more than a week.

In the previous progress Mercedes has left us, on one side an interior that follows the strokes of the Mercedes S-Class, with large screens, with curved surfaces and on the other a Mercedes E-Class that receives advanced autonomous functions, such as a cruise control capable of performing an overtaking manoeuvre in an autonomous way and the possibility to park the car from the exterior, with our smartphone.