No surprises: this is the rear of the Volvo V90, leaked to the Internet

Volvo V90 will be the family version of S90, a saloon new representation, presented by Volvo just a few weeks ago. Marks the triumphant return of Volvo to a segment that was abandoned, with a S80 very veteran, unable to stand up to competition from German and japanese. We knew that there would be a family version of the Volvo S90, and we already knew what it would look like thanks to a few models at a scale of 1:43. Now we have the first image to a 1:1 scale of a production model.

Is rumored to launch a version Cross Country V90, a crossover family of 5 yards to the Swedish.

Will be presented at the Geneva motor show, and although, technically, is hardly going to differentiate the Volvo S90, it is necessary to make emphasis on certain practical details. We know that you will have a length almost identical to the S90: 4,96 meters long. It is almost 15 inches longer than the Volvo V70, which it replaces. It is almost certain the presentation in a future version Cross Country: sales XC70 Cross Country – based on the V70 – were higher than sales of the conventional family.


The differences with the version of four-door are slim.

With a battle 13 centimeters longer than the V70, it is expected a boot leader in the segment – nearly 600 litres – and an inner space almost without rivals, thanks to a battle really long. Only the Skoda Superb Combi could compete at the level of space, but play in a league generalist Volvo has distanced itself. In regard to the selection of engines, there would be no news: the diesel PowerPulse 235 HP would be one of the versions sold.

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