No, this is not the future Seat Arona 2018


The image of the supposed new Arona.

a few days Ago reparábamos in a picture that circulated around the network and that
showed a putative side view of the unprecedented Seat Arona, the future
crossover of the Spanish brand. This photograph was made in several
sites of the network as the first leaked picture of the new B-SUVS
, showing clear and evident traits of the products of the

By knowing the image, originally published in some social networks, at this writing the we quickly identified as false, so that not did more than it was necessary, however, after the days, not only has not slowed down its spread, but as many specialized media already considered the first picture is true of the model, but it is not.

Identify your truth is very simple. Despite the fact that clearly with the features of the Seat, are precisely those traits the us indicate that this is a simple render.


Seat Ibiza ST.

Without going even to assess the quality of the realization, that it is not the best that we have seen, at a glance you can guess that it is the work of an independent designer, which has taken the features already existing in other images available of the brand. As an example, the image of the Ibiza ST which heads this paragraph.

As can be seen, elements such as the tires – including the small brake discs rear, more of a subcompact – rear-view mirrors, moldings on the doors and even the rear headlights have been taken from an image similar to this, if it is not the same.

The presence of these features, in addition to other the signs clearly
– as the abnormal distance between axes or the imbalance of the wheels, and the strange design
the C-pillar – indicate that the designer has used elements already
existing for the assembly and that, therefore, the brand would have to employ
former elements of models out of date
to create the new Arona,
which is clearly impossible.