Noble M600: Review full to this English so purist

Noble. A brand of sports perhaps not as well-known as it could be Ferrari or Lamborghini, but with a level of exclusivity and craftsmanship worthy of the best Italian brands.

Noble has its headquarters in Leicester, England. . From there, in the bowels of this brand of low-spin, we find authentic jewels on wheels dedicated exclusively to the more purist of pipelines: rear wheel drive, manual gearbox and minimal expression in driving aids. A few toys that all car addicts we wish we had in our garage for desinhibirnos plotting curves in the best mountain roads.

we’re talking about a brand with a circulation annual of a few units from your current and only model in production, the Noble M600, although it is to mention that this model offers us a total of 3 variant different. Noble M600 Coupe, M600 CarbonSport and M600 Speedster.


Noble M600 Carbon Sport in a beautiful shade of green

With a mechanical absolutely crazy

Mechanically this model mounts a V8 engine TwinTurbo of origin “Volvo – Yamaha“, with 4.4 liters of cubicaje, which provides a total power of 662 HP and a maximum torque of 604 NM at 6800 rpm. The 3 variants mentioned above, possess the same technical characteristics as it is the same M600 but with different bodies.

we are Possibly facing one of the brands purists in terms of the conduct and sensations to the pilot. With a total weight of 1200 kg, it makes your power to weight ratio is 542 HP/Tonne. What that allows you to catapult 0 to 200 km/h in just 8’9 seconds. A whole beast. A few models of other brands could compare with this M600.

And although the type of client of this trade mark will not amount to much, Noble us know, also their consumption figures:

the Extra: 9’3 litres per 100 km

Combined: 14 litres per 100 km

Urban: 22’1 liters per 100 km


Two of the variants of the M600: The Carbon Sport and the Speedster

Noble, has always been characterized by the manufacture of cars with an approach driving very end, by the philosophy of the brand, this gives more reward to the driver, it feels as if he were a authentic racing car.

Together with the spirit of the brand tells us that are true fans of the driving sensational, also binds a level of customization completely, both exterior and interior. All parts are built and assembled by hand by artisans English.

Noble explains to us one of its major advantages as a manufacturer of cars, low spin, and is no other than the the relationship they may have with their customers, much more personal and intimate, that the majority of brands in the industry. In this brand, the customer, always gives you the option of to go to the factory when you want it to be able to see as you are going to assemble your jewel, or directly meet the responsible of their birth. From engineers to designers, going by the managers of the brand. Everything is a environment very familiar.


Noble M600 Speedster

In the Geneva motor show we were able to see 2 variants of its sporty: The M600 Carbon Sport and the M600 Speedster.

interior sensational

As you ride, the M600, transmits to us that is a car made by and for the speed and for the driving purist, but, having tremendously on account also give it to its lucky owner the option of to be able to use it in the day-to-day, being a car is really comfortable and practical. The only drawback that we have found in the intention of giving a daily use, it could be a clutch tremendously hard, that would be a headache at certain peak hours in big cities.

As you decide to purchase a Noble and go to their factory and center of attention to the public, the brand, provides you with a developed number of options to make your car more exclusive and personal that you want to… and that your pocket can afford. Among which is

– Type upholstery for the seat: Leather or alcantara.

seams: single or double.

floor mats, , although the manufacturer only names the wool as a material for these.

carbon seen: the carbon fiber is a kind of material that we all know well, is expensive and difficult to manufacture, so its incorporation into parts of the car increases the price considerably. This option can be installed in parts as steering wheel, gear shifter or the center console.

– Type seats: Buckets, Semi-Buckets, or a type of seat much more comfortable for your daily use, with several types of regulations.

Rear seats, can be fabricados in carbon fiber view along with a special dye in this, to match with the exterior color of the bodywork, for example.


Interior of the Noble M600 Speedster

Three types of variants

But at the time of purchase Noble M600, probably the most important choice is what type of body you want for your sports. We leave here the characteristics of each one of the 3 variants:

    • Coupe: This variant is the more “basic”, so to call it. Takes a special paint, prepared by the team of Noble. The customer may opt for an endless number of colors for your sporty and also choose the option of exterior details in carbon fiber view.
    • Carbon Sport: This unit is the same as the coupe but with the addition of a massive dose of carbon fiberor to the set. In the English brand presumed to have been pioneers in the creation of a body full of carbon fiber. The options available to the client are, carbon fiber without additives tonal or add color to the outside. This is done with special inks that are mixed with the fiber, it gives that tone desired by your customer without removing the carbon to the view.
    • Speedster: This is the drive a convertible in the M600. In the brand have not wanted to forget the more purists, but they love driving in the open air. To do this, in the beginning, Noble created a chassis for the M600 that I had only a subject lower, with the sights set on a future car body type roadster and thus possess the same stiffness, is the alternative.


Back of the Noble M600 Speedster

But in the brand think of everything, and this car you can also equip a gear box sequential with cams on the steering wheel. This option seems a little incongruous, given the spirit purist of the company, but from a Noble speak to us of a kind of change, unrefined and somewhat rough, to provide a feeling “intense and dramaticand be able to compete of your to your the manual option.

¿And its price? The Noble M600 coupe, cheapest starts at 250,000 pounds, which at current exchange are near a 300.000€

In short, a brand that has left us captivated in the Geneva motor show 2017 and what we would like to have the privilege of test some day and unleash the full potential of their sporting thoroughbred.


Noble M600 Carbon Sport & Speedster