Norbert Michelisz topped the podium for Honda at Motegi


could Not fail in the house and took advantage of their opportunity.
Norbert Michelisz has taken victory in the ‘Opening Race’ of the WTCC in
, ensuring a great result for Honda in the circuit of your property
before the main race. However, the third victory of the pilot
Hungarian in the championship has come from the hand of a triplet for the brand
japanese since
Rob Huff was second and Tiago Monteiro third. While

Pechito’ Lopez has finished fourth, Tom Chilton has been the best pilot
private to get finished in the eighth position of the race.

Norbert Michelisz and Rob Huff cuajaban a perfect output to keep the doublet of Honda in the head, getting in addition a few small metres of advantage over a Thed Björk who was very aggressive in the first few meters to reach the third place. Tiago Monteiro for his part, stood fourth after overtaking Nicky Catsburg in the second lap of the race, while Yvan Muller was sixth to lead the comeback of the men of Citroën, all located by the inverted grid positions more delayed. In this line, ‘Pechito’ Lopez managed to cross the finish line eighth after the first two turns.

With Mehdi Bennani out of the option after suffering a Drive Through, the pair of Citroën formed by Muller and ‘Pechito’ López followed in the hunt Nicky Catsburg, although the first movement is produced between the two as ‘Pechito’ Lopez ahead of the own Muller when we arrived at the ecuador of the race. Ahead, Norbert Michelisz kept hearing for sentencing the career the charge during the first laps with an advantage of 2.8 seconds over his team-mate Rob Huff, who in turn managed to maintain with some credit to Thed Björk behind, in the thick of the fight for the podium with Tiago Monteiro.


In the eighth lap, Tiago Monteiro managed to pull ahead of Thed Björk in a move that not only gave the triplet provisional to Honda at their circuit of the house, but that allowed the Portuguese to curb the options of title ‘virtual’ ‘Pechito’ Lopez. The argentine, for his part was still in full progression and despite a touch quite bulky with Nicky Catsburg, managed to overtake the pilot of Lada, while Yvan Muller followed his steps. Just a few corners later, ‘Pechito’ exceeded also to Néstor Girolami, which also succumbed to the power of Muller as if a procession were.

With all the ‘Opening Race’ let everyone happy in one way or another. Norbert Michelisz got his third victory in the WTCC, the second in Japan, leading to the triplet of Honda that at least I got a good result in his path, in his home race. However, the podium was an ode to the colors red, white, and green of the team since Rob Huff finished second and Tiago Monteiro third, not without the stalking of ‘Pechito’ Lopez, who got put on their heels in the final turn of the race.

Fifth, for his part was Yvan Muller, while Thed Björk had to settle for the sixth position although the positions of the podium for much of the race. The area of points in the closed Nicky Catsburg despite his touch with ‘Pechito’, Tom Chilton, Néstor Girolami and Gabriele Tarquini. A step behind and with no real options to move into the top ten ended Ryo Michigami in his first race in the WTCC and also Tom Colonel, pilot, coming from the bottom of the grill to change the engine of his Chevrolet RML Cruze TC1.

Classification inaugural race WTCC 2016 at Motegi

Position Pilot Vehicle Time / Difference
1 Norbert Michelisz Honda Civic WTCC 13 laps
2nd Rob Huff Honda Civic WTCC +1.358
3rd Tiago Monteiro Honda Civic WTCC +2.173
4th José Maria ‘Pechito’ López Citroën C-Elysée WTCC +3.609
5th Yvan Muller Citroën C-Elysée WTCC +4.805
6th Thed Björk Volvo S60 Polestar TC1 +8.049
7th Nicky Catsburg Lada Vesta WTCC +8.738
8th Tom Chilton Citroën C-Elysée WTCC +9.385
9th Néstor Girolami Volvo S60 Polestar TC1 +10.135
10th Gabriele Tarquini Lada Vesta WTCC +10.456