Norway does not want any more combustion vehicles from 2025


From Norway we get news terrifying for lovers of the vehicles to combustion. The four strongest political parties of the country have agreed to completely eradicate the acquisition of combustion vehicles within nine years.

If all goes as is due, and not filled with impediments at the moment, from 2025 there will be able to buy combustion vehicles in the nordic country. The main source is none other than the local newspaper Dagens Næringsliv.

Because we are not only talking about vehicles with propellants gasoline and diesel, also encompasses hybrids, plug-in hybrids or cleaner fuels like LPG. This limits the supply of all brands only models pure electric) and vehicles that make use of hydrogen fuel cell, in which case they emit only water vapor. No harmful substance to the environment.


What is certain is that this news is not presented to us as too scandalous that the Norway is now time to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles and aggravating substantially to the combustion, despite the fact that we are talking about a country that exports large amount of petroleum. As a sample you only need to a number: 24% of the sales of new cars there correspond to electric vehicles.

The funny thing is that this action , ahead in over 25 years the international proposal for the prohibition of combustion vehicles new for the year 2050 supported by several countries, among them Norway. Citizens will be able to continue using their combustion vehicles though quite possibly with certain restrictions, especially in the center of the large cities.

For Tesla, Norway is one of the most important markets, in fact there was a couple of months in 2014 where the Model S was the vehicle most sold in those lands. Seeing the situation it is not surprising that the own Elon Musk has been made echo of the news quickly congratulating norway on its decision. Right now Musk must be rubbing his hands.

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