Norway studies allow the testing of autonomous cars on their roads

Coche autónomo

Norway can bet very strong for driving autonomous in the coming years.

Currently, the United Kingdom, China and united States are the scenarios of the particular battle we are waging, the major automobile manufacturers and technology companies that are betting on the driving autonomous. And is that are in those countries in which a greater number of tests with prototypes of this type of vehicles are being done on roads open to traffic.

however, there are other places such as Norway that don’t want to play a secondary role. According to the statements of several high-ranking officials from the Norwegian government, the nordic country is debating the implementation of a new law allowing the testing of autonomous cars on its roads from next year to 2017. A legislative change that would also pave the future arrival of vehicles driving autonomously in this market.

Recall that Norway is the largest european market for Tesla Motors, and the electric cars of the american company already leave the factory with all the hardware necessary to, in a short-term future, receive the relevant software update that allows to enable their driving systems autonomous. Therefore, this new law would also support to Tesla for testing in the territory Norwegian.

Coche autónomo

The greatest amount of testing of autonomous cars on roads with actual traffic in the united States, China and the United Kingdom.

Also can be a wake-up call for companies such as Ford, Waymo or Uber to test their prototypes of autonomous cars. The minister of transport and communications of Norway, commented in a recent press release that it is preparing a proposed consultation for a new law with the objective that in the next spring, to be passed this new legislation by the Norwegian parliament.

“The goal of this bill is to encourage the testing of vehicles driving autonomously on the roads of Norway as well as the creation of a framework of safety of traffic and the protection of the integrity of the personal information”.

yes, from the Government of Norway makes it clear that shall be granted only the permissions of evidence (in the case of the bill to be approved) to those companies and manufacturers that have driving systems and autonomous prototypes “mature” that ensure the safety of the other drivers circulating on the roads of the mentioned country.