Norway will ban cars diesel and gasoline for 2025

prueba-electrico-nissan-leaf-4From a few years ago the scandinavian countries are some of the major drivers of the electric vehicle. Even though this could go even further in Norway where, according to the local environment Dagens Nœringsliv, could prohibited the sale of vehicles, diesel and gasoline for the year 2025. Apparently this decision has the potential to become effective, since the four main political parties could reach an agreement.

If you arrive to be met by 2025 could only be purchased electric vehicles and fuel cell in that country. Also would be outside the hybrid and plug-in hybrids, as they include a combustion engine. This news, although it still has not been made effective, was held by Elon Musk, through their social networks. The CEO of Tesla, gave their approval to this country, which is one of its main markets.

Prueba Nissan Leaf 30 kWhIn Norway Tesla Model S became the best selling car for a few months. In addition around the 24% of the vehicles in this country today are electric. In fact this has to do with the amount of aid and incentives to get these cars. It also influences the high taxes there is to pay for the vehicles of traditional combustion, which come to nearly double the final price.

An issue that does not have a lot of logic if we take into account that Norway is one of the major oil-exporting countries, and a good part of their income come from this fuel fossil. It seems, however, that the prohibition of diesel and gasoline by 2025 is serious and could be decided soon. In Oslo recently issued a proposal to ban all vehicles in the center of the city for 2019. Taking into account sociological factors, would not be unreasonable that the electric vehicle end of ‘hogging’ this country.

Source – Electrek