Nostalgia for the future: Toyota recreates the pick-up of Marty McFly in 1985 with a new Tacoma

of course, the DeLorean DMC-12 – the time machine – is the absolute protagonist of Back to the Future. But neither can we forget the fantastic Toyota Pick-Up black that appears in the saga, the dream car of Marty McFly, that leads to the end of the first movie, in 1985. A car is already iconic, Toyota has decided to recreate creating a spectacular preparation on the basis of a Toyota Tacoma, a model newly renovated. The end result is nostalgic, for sure, and very interesting.

Toyota Pick-Up 1985 it was the car of the dreams of Marty McFly. This Tacoma is almost identical.

The vehicle of departure is a Toyota Tacoma cabin simple, equipped with the basic engine access and a manual gearbox. A basic machine, which has become one of the pick-up more desirable from the point after the transformation. To begin with, the color code of your paint is identical to the black of 1985 of the Pick-Up original. In the tailgate can be read in large letters of white the name of the brand. The rims are nearly identical to the year 1985, and are manufactured by TRD.

A game of lights KC HiLite are mandatory, with their distinctive yellow color. But instead of halogen bulbs in their interior, have Led. We are in the year 2015, and at the end. And to be in the year 2015, tuition mimics the bar code for the flying cars that appeared in “Back to the Future II”. However, the best-kept secrets of this preparation are in the details. Look for example on the rear fender, where you can read the inscription “4WD”.

May pass a simple tribute and Toyota offered to sell the Tacoma series with this setting.

Had to be specially adapted, and belong to the original catalogue of the Pick-Up of 1985. The suspension has been raised slightly and you have installed two roll bars in the box, like the ones that had the Pick-Up in the film. The exhaust pipe is chrome and the wink in the end the Toyota’s of the eighties is a small lateral plate. In the original you could read “Toyota, 4WD, EFI”, referring to its electronic fuel injection. Today you can read “Toyota, 4WD, D-4S”.

An acronym that refers to the combination of direct injection and indirect which uses the engine of this pick-up. It is a simple prototype, but I’m sure that with a good marketing, many open to the purchase of this vehicle. Since it is not possible to buy a DeLorean again, and this Toyota Tacoma can be an excellent substitute.

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