Not at home: so drift a Nissan GT-R 300 km/h (video)

Yesterday, perhaps you will still be with honey on the lips to know that a Nissan GT-R had beaten the record of the skidding fastest ever made, 304,96 km/h (more information on this story), and do not see how it passed that record in video. We also. But we finally have the proof of the “crime”. Nissan has already released a video in which, with much mystery, we end up presenting how derrapó this Nissan GT-R to 304,96 km/h. A Nissan GT-R that as I had had a lot of trick, including a preparation for transforming it into a rear wheel drive pure.

as I told yesterday, this Nissan GT-R was not a GT-R series. Based on the MY2016, this preparation had carried his power up to the 1.380 HP of power, but, above all, had dispensed with the axis of transmission of the return from your gearbox central spins the front axle, so that what had been transformed into an authentic rear-wheel-drive.

With this test, Masato Kawabata managed to mark the Guinness Record of the drift fastest ever made not in one, but in a total of three times. A record that until now was in the hands of Jakub Przygónski, a Polish pilot who managed to skid to 217,973 km/h.

Now we just hope one thing. That Nissan published a video more simple, less advertising, and, above all, more focused on the record, to really appreciate what it means to make drifting a car, at an angle of 30°, to more than 300 km/. h. A server, that counts as their experience is more impactful in a car you have rotated 360 ° to more than 180 km/h on ice in a Nissan GT-R, I will forward that to more than 300 km/h and on asphalt, it has to be an experience almost impossible to relate to.

Source: Nissan
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