Not going to happen: there will be new Mazda 3 MPS or Mazda 6 MPS… at the moment

One of the senior executives of Mazda has given an interview to portal australian Motoring, in which he confessed several strokes about the future of the sports car at Mazda. And often a vase of cold water we just sprinkle over the top: there will not be a Mazda 3 MPS or Mazda 6 MPS in the current generation. A Mazda 3 MPS Concept was to be presented at the iaa in Frankfurt in 2015, but in its place, Mazda introduced the Koeru Concept, a prototype that would give rise to the Mazda CX-4, of the impending presentation.

Mazda has preferred to spend the funds for the development of new MPS in a new generation of engines Skyactiv.

In the words of Masahiro Moro, the execution of the previous Mazda 3 MPS was a bit mature. 265 HP of fury 2.3 Turbo transmitted to the front axle were guilty of a dynamic, very “morrona” and a high torque under heavy acceleration. What Moro wants to tell us is that was not a car sufficiently precise and refined to the standards of Mazda. The mark of Hiroshima tends towards the premium segment currently, and looking for a driving experience of more… distinguished. Or maybe more staff.

mazda-rx-vision-concept-07But certainly not gross and awkward. The priority of Mazda is in these times the development of a new generation of engines, the Skyactiv-II, more powerful and efficient than ever. One of the first members of this family is a 2.5 Skyactiv-G turbo, with ability to exceed the 300 HP of power, premiered at the new Mazda CX-9. We all thought that it would be an ideal candidate for a future Mazda 3 sport, but the acronym MPS will disappear from Mazda at the moment. It’s a sad day.

The current Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 will be orphaned of MPS in its present generation, but Mazda does not rule out future developments in the following generations. These MPS of the future will be more refined, more premium, in accordance with the desired orientation of the japanese brand. Stay with that Mazda we don’t close the door.

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